There is a famous quote from the first Queen K of Hawaii ~ “Kulia I Ka Nu’u”. There are two wonderful interpretations of this quote. “Find Your Strength” or “Reach the Summit” that I feel have profound meaning to life.

In 2008, I was at my heaviest with a 42 inch waist, wearing XXL everything, and had the realization I was on the wrong path if I ever wanted to keep up with my son who was 2 years old at the time. I joined our local gym and started my journey. After losing around 45 lbs by 2010 and with winter approaching, I needed a goal to keep me going to the gym and a line in the sand. The Rumpus in Bumpass Sprint that following April became my goal. It would be my first triathlon. At this same time, I really started to read books on nutrition and learning about our local food supply and food chain.

After completing my first sprint in 2011, I became hooked. I loved cycling as a child and this was my outlet. I love all aspects of this great sport, mental fortitude, training, the healthy lifestyle that your surrounded with, and the competition. During this year, I became a full-fledged veggie. After all the research I was reading, I went from a heavy carnivore to totally losing the taste for it. Being a veggie for almost 2 years now, I have lost close to 90 lbs and where I was when I was 18. I have a ton of energy and (knock, knock) in great health.

My other passion is our youth. My kids are being bombarded with marketing, advertising, and press that frankly is not in their best interests. Child obesity is an epidemic and driven by morally bankrupt industries that is profiting at our expense and our future. IMHO, this is no different than what the cigarette industry did in previous generations. 2012 I signed up to be the board of the Annapolis Tri Club and now serve as the youth director for the club hoping to make a difference and give back to the sport that I love. With the help of many folks, we have formed the ATC Keepers youth program and my son Blair certainly has benefited. This year he has raced 3 kids races which I’m so proud.

I honestly believe you lead by example and the choices you make. I’m honored that he is following in my footsteps for the love of swimming, biking, and running. This site documents my journey to be that example for my children. Enjoy.

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  1. Alan lonsberry said:

    Great site. I am doing IMLP 2013 also, going up 14, 15, 16 june for training weekend. Cant wait to see ADKS, they never get old. Good luck in placid.

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