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RinnyAndTimA little late posting but I have to say, short of racing an Ironman, being a finish line catcher was nothing short of amazing. It is a must do and such a rewarding experience. I was able to jump on a deal Thursday morning prior to the race that if you signed up for IMFL and IM Augusta 70.3 in 2014, you could do so ahead of the general entry for both events. Since Augusta was on my plan anyway, I jumped at the chance. That took off all pressure to make sure I had a 2014 entry.

This experience was so much fun. Doing some shopping I ran into some pro’s. Being that I saw Rinny running while driving and the last thing I wanted to do was interrupt her workout, I was not going to pass up opportunity number 2. This time her and Tim O’Donnell where there. I jumped at this chance.

With 5 ATC peeps and Suzy who coached me thru Placid racing, it was great seeing them have solid swims and so happy the gulf laid down for them. We missed most of them on the bike since it was a hike between swim exit and the bike mount. Being a single loop bike, this gave us a chance to take a nap. Once everyone got off the bike, we had great spots on the run course to cheer. This allowed us to post pictures to people back home who were also following.

theCatchBefore I knew it, it was time to catch. WOW! Just wow!!! See that emotion cross the finish was simply an amazing experience to be a part of. Catching people who had simply not stop moving for the better part of half a day. Feeling their heart beat as you put your arm around them until they could simply get their feet under them. Plus catching the person who got me into this sport was especially cool. I’m sure we broke some rules but giving some peeps their first beer when they cross was so much fun.

Sunday, I was able to take a swim in the Gulf. Lots of buoyancy. There is also a nice sand bar a couple hundred yards off the beach. The water was pretty clear. I also heard that the roads were amazingly smooth except for the out and backs. That’s good to know since I will not get a chance to ride this course. Everyone seemed to like the run course as well. It did get dark around 6:20 so visor lights are a must unless you go sub 11:30. I cannot wait to read the race reports to get some more intel.

IMFL 2014 here I come!