secretRace.jpgWith all the hoopla around the Lance story, the week prior I just finished The Secret Race by Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coyle. I have to say, I thought going in, everyone was doping in cycling. What was really eye opening, was how much it was so in the open. How it seemed pretty much a dirty sport from top to bottom and how little there was interest to clean it up. Winning at all costs was taken to a whole new level. The Secret Race is certainly a must read for people who love cycling. What was also interesting is that it being so fresh, you could empathize with the Lance interview and where we spoke the truth when the statute of limitations had elapsed. Where that protection was not there, there are very different stories. I honestly do not believe we will not know the whole truth until people are giving immunity or statute of limitations has been met from that era. I have to say, a fantastic read.