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I ran into this article last night that had some great GMO research information – or lack there of – and quotes. I always love a good quote so lets start there.

Today the vast majority of foods in supermarkets contain genetically modified substances whose effects on our health are unknown. As a medical doctor, I can assure you that no one in the medical profession would attempt to perform experiments on human subjects without their consent. Such conduct is illegal and unethical. Yet manufacturers of genetically altered foods are exposing us to one of the largest uncontrolled experiments in modern history.

Martha Herbert, MD, Harvard University School of Medicine.

I could not agree more and honestly feel that the food industry is morally bankrupt. These products are just fast tracked to market with a complacent FDA for nothing more than profit thru patent protection. Plus selling tons of pesticide is also very convenient. Another great example from this piece is that independent research showed that rats started to shows negative affects after 4 months of GMO exposure. The GMO industry stopped their research after 3 months of exposure. This is straight from Monsanto’s website.

In addition to the growth and development testing in the broiler chicken study, the team also conducts a 90-day rat feeding study with most products, which is a toxicology study.

I just love how this is considered extensive. It will be interesting to see if a whistle blower steps up in upcoming years similar to what happened in the tobacco industry. I guess only time will tell.

To read more, here is the link to the full article: http://prn.fm/2012/12/17/gary-null-seeds-of-death/#ixzz2FPVNcG4O