Mind Gym by Gary Mack

Ok, this topic can get on the dry side of things but Mind Gym is a must read. One of the under estimated discipline to Triathlon is managing the mind during a race. My coach said to me just before Eagleman, your body will go much further than you mind will have you believe. I have felt first hand and with each 1/2 I was able to win that battle a little more each time.

As a natural defense mechanism to stress, your mind starts telling you to slow down, this hurts, stop… Basically anything to reduce or stop the stress. Mind Gym is a must read for anyone who wants to get ahead of those little gremlins between the ears. The book was originally recommend by a Naval Academy sports psychologist during a seminar. It is a fantastic book. This book has certainly helped me in keeping positive thoughts in my head. Learning how to handle negative situations and minimizing their impacts. Plus as many Yogis have said to me, if a negative thought comes to your mind, acknowledge it, then let it go. This book covers very similar principles. Plus talking in the positive, half full, kind of tone, always. It’s a short and easy read. Plus it’s might also be worth a second read just to fine tune the nuggets in there as a mental tune up for IMLP. Plus my wife now has my book since it was recommended to her for entirely different reasons than endurance racing.

Now I just need to find some follow up books for a deeper dive in this subject matter!