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I’m Here to Win by Chris McCormack

Yea, Macca has a rep of being a little cocky. Now I get some of it. He certainly plays the mind games to get a competitive advantage of some pro’s fragile confidence. It’s certainly a tool that he has mastered. Once you get thru some of that, there is a great story here. Plus I just love some of the tips he puts in this book for the average AG. Not to spoil it too bad, but having the mental notebook for all kinds of situations is a must. IMHO, the best take-a-way from this book. I just love the sports psychology that Tri has. I feel that nutrition and mental toughness are the other 2 disciplines of triathlon. That way you get kicked in the head, you already have the positive thoughts to go thru to handle that situation. Get a flat, another couple thoughts on getting thru that. He openness is just amazing. This is a must read for any Tri newbie like me to help build your tools to use race day. Plus he has a compelling story to tell with I’m Here to Win.