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Finding Ultra by Rich Roll

Now that I’m officially in the offseason, I can catch up on my reading and reviews. This one is long over due. I was so fortunate to get an advance copy of Finding Ultra from the publisher. Yes, I actually won something by completing a survey. Rich completed the first Epic 5 (5 ironmans on all 5 Hawaiian Islands in about a weeks time. This is an amazing accomplishment by any measure. To do this on a veggie power plant is amazing and dismisses beliefs that it can not be done by a veggie let alone a vegan. Rich also has a compelling story to tell of how he found himself and regained his life. Certain aspects of his life, I felt like I went thru myself. What really got me was how he would use his Vitamix daily and how it affected his recovery and performance. I have been using my Vitamix ever since. This book has been a great motivation source as well as nutrition ideas powerhouse.

The best part of this story has nothing to do with the book per se. This is just a kick ass trailer. I showed Blair this trailer. The next day in the pool, he started to do fly. Rich has certainly impacted 2 triathletes in this house on multiple levels.