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Source: Dr. Weil

I really like Dr. Weil’s approach. He is a bit more mainstream and tries to cover a pretty wide brush of dietary preferences. Plus he promotes concepts that get people focused on optimum wellness. Today he published a video that talks about anti-inflammatory foods. Endurance athletes in particular need to be concerned with keeping a neutral to alkaline bias and anti-inflammatory body. I know post-race favorite meals are soda/beers, big red meat meals, etc. This is the last thing your body needs to recover. Sure it needs protein, but it does not need all the acid rich environment that these selections create. With the level of stress and training volume we put on our bodies and endure all racing season, keeping a diet of both alkaline and anti-inflammatory rich whole foods keeps the body going and speeds recovery. This 8 minute video that is a nice summary of how to maintain this balance. Just wish Flax and Chia were also shown with Fish/Seafood since they are plant based rich with Omega 3’s. These are so easy to add in your diet. Add them to smoothies, salads, and sauces.

I also love his concept to eat across the color spectrum. It’s a wonderful visual to help get a wide array of foods that go across macro and micro nutrients. More importantly, it’s simple to remember.

As for the soy products, I prefer to use organic fermented soy to help prevent it from being perceived as estrogen. This is based on numerous research I have read that recommend limits to products like Soy Milk (I prefer Almond Milk) and tofu. This is certainly key in my house with my young daughter and wife since it affects their estrogen levels to a greater degree. We just love using Tempeh in stir-fry and even with pesto. Keep in mind, soy is also one of the most heavily GMO crop grown, so stick with organic or non-GMO certified.

If you want to research anti-inflammatory foods, a great resource is inflammationfactor.com. It’s nice to look up values if you have ingredient choices in a recipe. That way you can avoid more acidic ones. One of the highest anti-inflammatory are spicy peppers. That fits right on top of the pyramid above. I have been trying to sneak in pepper and required my taste for spicy foods. Extra hot salsa here, red chilies there.

And of course, organic where possible to prevent GMO’s from sneaking in the food supply.

Here is the video:
How to Eat: the Anti-Inflammatory Diet – Dr. Weil.