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Amen to that. Alyssa works with my wife and just raced Kona. What an amazing result she had on a very brutal day – even by Kona standards. I love the picture of the 3 bikes being “draft legal” and poor Alyssa gets the dreaded red card when she’s the lead bike. This is a great report because it keeps perspective of why triathletes do what they do. It’s about the lifestyle, training with peeps, amazing volunteer support, and the journey of putting the hard work that takes months to complete. Our families make sacrifices while on long rides, trips to various races, etc. I certainly will also take the suggestion of enjoy the entire trip and experience up in Placid. We are going up Thursday before the race and treating it more as an experience, I have a feeling I will enjoy my first full to the fullest. Especially if I can get Blair to race the Saturday kids race.

Here is here race report!