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I have been reading some year-end race reports and man I just love this nutrition report that Iain wrote. I have read race reports which talk about event specific stuff like road, landmarks, local tips and tricks. Look at all this data and I’m a data junkie. I realize that nutrition is a very personal topic and you have to dial in what is right for your own body. Let alone if you have or choose a restricted diet. This certainly gives a retrospective of what you did to come back to and how to dial nutrition in. I certainly think this is a great idea to keep this level of stats going forward. I know what I did on my last 3 races but certainly not at this level of detail. I try for 300 calories per hour on the bike but Ian is 30+ lighter and consuming 100 more. I’m spending this offseason reading books like Eat & Run and Thrive Diet from ultra-distance vegans to get insight on how they are going so long and their nutrition. I certainly need to get this dialed in because I prefer to train and race using whole foods if possible.