Poster of What Prop 37 Covers and Does Not.

I’m a strong believer that GMO products should be labeled. Most shoppers never look at a label, but the ones that do, are looking and trying to decipher what is GMO and what is not. They are not ignorant shoppers. Frankly, it disrespectful to think that you can not have an educated consumer. GMO’s have been fast tracked to market for profit protection under US Patten Protection with very little heath research. I honestly feel that Big Ag’s rhetoric is nothing more than they do not want full disclosure and transparency in our food supply. This is a great poster (courtesy of noprop37.com ) to show how Prop 37 does have some flaws but is taking the first step. California has been a leader on many issues that have then become national issues and I applaud them for it. It’s also not surprising to see alcohol to be right on top. After all, a lot of these are grain based ingredients and grains have the highest percentage of GMO crops. Plus GMO’s in the feed in the dairy industry is also not surprising. But, that is why we also have organic milk to choose from to remove that from the food chain.