Think he’s having fun?

Such a proud moment. Blair raced his 3rd tri this year and was 3rd in his age group. After seeing him struggle swimming 75 yards in his previous tri and only completing 50 of it, I had major reservations of him doing 200. Then after watching him progress from all the swimming at camp and Big V, he was really getting the hang of it. Plus he recently joined swim team so that was a big, big help. Not only did he finish his swim, he did it in 5:33. He was out of T1 before I could even get a picture. Both his bike and run were so fast, we were wondering did he just turn around too early but he didn’t. One very proud moment and look at these splits:

Blair Gets 3rd!!!!

His swim – 5:33 (200 yrd)
T1 – 2:07
Bike – Not disclosed to protect the “innocent” on the trail since there is a 15 MPH limit after all. (1 1/2 mile)
T2 – 0:21
Run – 2:41 (1/2 mile)

As you can tell, he just had a ball and makes his daddy so, so proud.