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When the Stanford study came out saying that there was no nutritional benefit organic food. I take two issues with this work. One Stanford’s Freeman Spogli Institute is supported by the chemical and agribusiness industries. To say they are bias, would be an understatement. Second, this was a study of studies and an aggregation of those bodies of work. The main reasons why I try to get organic products is to remove GMO, pesticides, etc. from my food. Plus it supports more sustainable practices and when you get local higher nutritional qualities. Keep in mind, when veggies are on a truck, boat, etc. to come around the globe, it was picked way too early to have full nutritional value.

But when this study came out, my Zite feed just lit up about how organic was not this, not that, etc. It’s nice to see some press looking that the research in more depth and willing to provide a second opinion. The NYT just did that and it’s a nice piece.