This race started off as being a spectator for Blair. Basically, at Mike’s chop busting last fall, he would have a race ready for Blair, Blair was signed up as a 5 year old. With other peeps racing, I also signed up after it was confirmed that I would have plenty of time to race AND watch / help Blair do his thing. Well, watching the kids swim, I noticed that the tide was way out. Maybe up to 2 feet out. Once the swim started – adults that is – I kept walking out from the beach start. I kept walking, walking, walking. Next thing you know, I was keeping up with the pack and really never got over my head. Just before the turn around, I did a bit of free thru turning around. Next thing you know, I kept kicking up stuff and really could not see since everyone was kicking up the bottom. I stood up and walked in. I had a great swim split but it was really too shallow to swim in earnest.

T1 was pretty quick by my standards and I was off on the bike. I was cruising right along. A flat course, very little wind (by eastern shore standards) and was going. Knowing my HR was pretty high, I backed off a bit to try to keep high Z3, low Z4. That also meant a couple people then passed me and I just had to let them go. I was fine with that not to repeat Rumpus. I got off the bike feeling great and was out of T2 pretty quick.

Blair Rolling Out on His 12″ Bike

The run I was looking for somebody to pace. I left my watch on the bike and really had no idea where I was pace wise. I was just trying to size up who I thought I could hang with. I found somebody and chatted with him for a bit. I felt he was starting to fade and pressed on. I then found another person to pace and was going pretty good. Next thing I knew, I was getting back in towards the marina and feeling pretty good. It was over before I knew it. I felt like I had a great race.

Blair on Run Out All Fired Up

For me, this is an annual event even though I had to get everyone up at the crack of dawn to get thru the 2-3 yr drive. Not often you can have such a family friendly race event where both father and son can race. Plus supporting peeps from the tri club is always a good thing. I did well overall with a 1:16:27 with being 26 overall and 10 in my AG. Keep in mind, it was a small race and that put me above middle of my AG. I certainly liked my splits:
Swim – 13:18
T1 – 1:52
Bike (15.2 miles) – 39:00 or 23.4 mph
T2 – 0:56
Run (5k) – 21:23 or 7:08 m/m

A great story was written much better than I ever could by beyond limits. That story is here: